Our Story

Founded on Sept 18, 2017 by Dr. Semerab Tewolde, the Moriah Pharma Services Ltd. is an emerging pharmaceutical consulting company that has earned itself a sound repute within a short span of time. Although still a newly-established enterprise, the professionals on board Moriah Pharma Services Ltd have years of experience under their belt and are committed to revolutionising the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry with dedicated guidance and support.

Aside from pharmaceutical manufacturers, our scope of services extends to cater to IVD manufacturers, hospitals and healthcare establishments and herbal medicine and IMP manufacturers. Being a part of these industries for over 2 decades, we observed a shortfall of skilled and competent professionals required to maintain industry standards, practices and operations as per the rulings and standards set by National Regulatory Authority and Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Authority.

This is where we felt the need to bring the idea of Moriah Pharma Services Ltd to life – a one-stop platform to offer training, quality management and compliance solutions to pharmaceutical and healthcare industry and help businesses reach their optimum commercial potential.

Driven by our passion and commitment, we at Moriah Pharma Services Ltd are utilising our excellence and contributing our role to the growth of the industry by providing consultancy on quality management, preparing companies for regulatory inspections, and training on SOPs governing GDP and GMP.

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